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What does the voluntary contribution and commitment of the climate protection plants to sustainable development in the areas of environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance look like?

The core elements anchored in KSW climate protection plants already ensure that the so-called "ESG factors" (Environment (E), Social (S) and Governance (G)) are lived.
The guarantors of responsible corporate management are the managing partners Arno Schneider and Ergun Çehreli. For them, the protection of the environment, the promotion of humanity and responsible management behavior are a matter of course.

- Investment in renewable energies
- Responsible and efficient use of energy and raw materials
- Environmentally friendly production
- Short delivery routes
- Positive ecological impact of products
- Environmental protection and eco-efficiency


- Compliance with core labor rights
- High health and safety standards
- Fair conditions at the workplace: adequate pay, opportunities for further training and education
- Prohibition of child and forced labor
- Enforcement of sustainability standards at suppliers

- Targeted measures against corruption and bribery
- Transparency and openness
- Diversity and equal opportunities
- Anchoring of sustainability management
- Linking executive compensation to the achievement of sustainability targets

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