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Against the background of the national and international paradigm shift in the field of clean and sustainable energy generation, a KSW climate protection plant offers a very attractive and promising investment opportunity.

In addition to its numerous positive climate aspects and compliance with ESG investment criteria, the projects are characterized in particular by an outstanding risk-profit ratio, which also results from the high earnings situation secured over the long term.
In a KSW climate protection plant, the CO2-neutral products electricity, heating/cooling and OME, a fine-dust-free and low-nitrogen oxide biofuel, are produced using regional biogenic residual and waste materials and non-food biomass. The generated electricity is optionally fed into the public grid within the framework of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), thus guaranteeing legally secure cash flows at constant conditions over a period of 20 years.

The CO2-neutral heat or cold is ideally supplied to a municipal local heating network or to a nearby heating customer. This generates additional income and makes good use of the generated energy in terms of climate technology. The biofuel OME produced can be sold with increasing returns as part of government measures to decarbonize fuels. KSW is a member of the DIN technical committee for the standardization of OME as DIN fuel. The currently problematic production of green hydrogen with volatile wind and solar power only becomes economically and ecologically viable through the grid-stabilizing and complementary effect of KSW climate protection plants.

For the realization of the climate protection plants, KSW cooperates with a renowned German plant manufacturer as general contractor. To ensure a high level of operational reliability, only robust components that have been tried and tested over many years are used in the KSW process®. KSW climate protection plants have a unique selling point worldwide. In the future, a growth strategy in terms of a national and international rollout is planned. In preparation and as an indicator of serious planning for international expansion of bio-energy plant construction, the KSW process® has also been patented in Europe and worldwide in order to be able to maintain its excellent competitive position outside Germany. The plant potential for Germany alone is at least 500 plants in the next 10 years.

The global biomass potential
The biomass that grows annually in the world's forests alone contains 25 times the energy of the oil produced annually. However, the amount of approx. 800 exajoules per year is to be considered as economically reasonable utilization. However, even this amount exceeds the global consumption of primary energy in 2015 (about 570 exajoules) by almost one and a half times.
With this amount of organic materials, several thousand decentralized plants could be built using the KSW Process®.

Why you should invest in KSW climate protection plants
Thanks to their intelligent plant concept, KSW climate protection plants using the KSW Process® are an essential component of the national and international energy turnaround. A secure, climate-neutral and sustainable production of electricity and hydrogen at economic conditions is significantly accelerated by KSW technology. This makes KSW Process® a true lighthouse technology. Our opportunities for an immediate step into an energy transition towards climate neutrality with great profit prospects are already there today. Take part in the change - put your trust in us.

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