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The KSW Process® is a solution concept in which the combination of bioenergy plant and biorefinery with hybrid energy production significantly increases the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the overall plant. Only well-known technologies and components that have been tried and tested over many years are used. In the two-stage thermochemical process, the carbon is extracted from the feedstock and enables the use of a very wide range of feedstocks . This also makes the process extremely flexible in terms of the materials that can be used. 

For example, the biofuel OME from regional household waste can be used for soot-free and nitrogen oxide-reduced operation of municipal vehicles, thus significantly reducing inner-city air pollution.

KSW Bioenergie GmbH
Siebengebirgsblick 28
53343 Wachtberg
Fon: +49 (0) 228 98 77 00
Fax: +49 (0) 228 98 77 020


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